Staff recruitment for protocol services. 

Are you a young and fast-growing company or a large old corporation? Are you holding many different official events and you require permanent employees, who will be able to manage arrangement and protocol support of these events? Do you feel that it's time you established the adequate level of all events with the participation of your executive management? Or you frequently participate in various events with the participation of top government officials and you need a reliable person who will share a common language with the state protocol services.

Then it's high time you thought of establishing the protocol service! We will assist you in creation from scratch of the protocol service in your company, will recruit a team of professionals, who will provide proper protocol support of official events and company's executive management during any event. IQ Protocol has a proven experience in recruiting protocol staff. 

We're ready to provide you the following services:


  • Development of the organisational structure of the protocol service of the company

  • Calculation of an adequate number of employees 

  • Drafting requirements for protocol staff recruitment 

  • Drafting protocol staff job descriptions 

  • Search and recruitment of employees with the relevant experience 

  • Calculation of the required number of temporary staff (in case of large projects) 

  • Cooperation with the company's human resources on hiring protocol division employees