IQ Protocol experts provided vide range of protocol and organisational support during the Summit and Economic Forum “Russia – Africa”, including signing ceremonies, “Business networking area” and “Roscongress Club” management. The event was attended by African Heads of States and Governments, Management of Russian and international business communities and government authorities.


Our team provided protocol support for 11 signing ceremonies.  


“Business networking area for African Heads of States” hosted 24 meetings, attended by the Heads of States of Gabon, Angola, Burundi, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Sierra Leone as well as Executives of Republics of Kenya, Nigeria, Cote-d’Ivoire, Mauritius, Tunisia, Tanzania and South Sudan. 


“Business networking area” venue hosted over 200 meetings.


“Roscongress Club” hosted more than 67 official meetings attended by the Heads of African States, including Presidents of the Republic of Zimbabwe and Central African Republic and the King of Eswatini, as well as the representatives of the Russian Federal Authorities.  


The event was held between 23 and 24 October 2019 in Sochi.