XXI St. Petersburg International Economic Forum 2018 was held during the period May 24th – 25th. The main programme incorporated over 150 business events across the Forum’s numerous venues. These events were split into four distinct themes: “Technology for Leadership,” “Harnessing Russia’s Growth Potential,” “Human Capital in the Digital Economy,” and “The Global Economy in an Era of Change”.


The Forum hosted rather big number of high-ranking guests, including Heads of Foreign States and Governments, Top Executives of the Russian Federation, Russian Federal Ministers, Heads of Regional Authorities as well as top management representatives of Russian and International companies.


As of 30 May, 593 agreements had been signed at SPIEF, worth a total of RUB 2.625 trillion (counting agreements where the figures were not classified as commercial secrets).


IQ Protocol provided protocol support for signing ceremonies with the participation of various domestic and international dignitaries. All ceremonies were executed with the help of ceremonies assistants, which were selected and trained by our team.


The “Governors’ Club” hosted more than 150 official meetings, managed by IQ Protocol experts.