Russian Investment Forum was held in Sochi during the period February 14th – 16th. The event brought together various participants, such as Federal Ministers of the Russian Federation, representatives of the Regional Governments as well as business leaders.

The programme included 55 events, which followed the topics: “A Fresh Boost for Regional Business”, “Improving Quality of Life” and “New Regional Policy: Improving Administration”. 

A total of 538 agreements and declarations of intent were signed at the Forum. Contracts whose value was publicly disclosed amounted to RUB 794.057 billion.

Foreign officials taking part in the Forum included the heads of foreign diplomatic corps in the Russian Federation from 20 countries. A total of 83 constituent entities of the Russian Federation were represented at the Forum, including 77 at the level of regional heads.

IQ Protocol provided services at “Governors’ Club”, where 81 official meetings were held. 

Our experts have provided protocol support of the signing ceremonies with the participation of heads of ministries and agencies of the Russian Federation, heads of regions of the Russian federation and executives of the leading Russian companies. In order to assure the appropriate level of services we’ve selected and trained special ceremonies assistants.